I left the open chatroom after reporting and then attempted to reenter the same chatroom. I saw the message "You are unable to participate in the open chatroom you have reported."
When you are done with ‘Report & Leave’ during an Open Chat, you cannot reenter the same Open Chatroom.
We do not provide the function to cancel the report in an Open Chat since such a function may cause abusive reporting due to less demanding reporting regimes.
Please make sure you really want to report since the reported person may be unable to use Open Chat.
You can resume conversations with your friends in a new chatroom only after creating a new link. We ask for your kind understanding of this inconvenience.

[For more details about our Operation Policy, please refer to the page below.]
• Kakao Operation Policy https://www.kakao.com/policy/oppolicy?lang=en
• KakaoTalk Operation Policy