[Compose Mail] What is the mail size limit?
Each Kakao Mail email must be a certain size or it cannot be sent.
Kakao Mail emails can be up to 30 MB, including attachments. Larger emails may not be sent properly.
Please use the following file attachment and body text size guide as reference when sending an email.

[Attachment limit]
Attachments can be up to 25MB to attach as a regular attachment. (Any files over 25MB will automatically be converted to a large attachment.)

[Body text limit]
The email body text cannot be larger than 3MB.
You will not be able to send the email if the email body text and attachments combined exceeds 30MB.

Please try the following if you are unable to send the email due to its size.
- Delete parts of the email body text or attached file.
- Convert or re-attach the attached file as a large attachment.