[Receive Mail] I am not receiving certain emails.
You may not be receiving certain emails because some emails may not be sent properly due to the auto-classification settings, and some may be returned because the sender's email address is included in the blocked email list. If this is the case, then follow the steps below to check the blocked email list and auto-classification setting, and delete any necessary information.
However, blocked and auto-classified lists can only be edited on the PC web.

[How to delete on the blocked email list]
① Settings > Manage Spam > Click "Allow/Block Incoming Mails"
② Select the blocked email address > Click the "Delete" button
※ Use the "Search" feature if there are many blocked emails on the list.

[How to delete on the auto-classification list]
① Settings > Click "Mail Auto-Classification)
② Click [Delete] next to the information you wish to delete from the auto-classification list