[Settings] How do I add tags to the signature?
Go to the [Mail Settings > Signature > My Signature > Add] to add a signature.

1. Enable the signature feature.

2. Click "Add" to select a template. (Enter the signature manually to add a tag)

3. Click "Editor" to select the Editor / HTML / TEXT mode. Select HTML.

4. Enter the HTML tag of your choice.

5. Follow the precautions below when inserting an image link.
- The signature image may not be visible if you upload images from Daum, Naver blogs or cafes and send emails with other service accounts.
- If you use an image CDN service or have your own server, please upload your image there.

6. Select the Editor mode if you want to preview.

7. Use the HTML mode if you want to edit the tag.

8. Press "OK" to save.
- Your signature can be up to 8,000 characters long. (HTML tags)