Will my friends be able to see the events added to my KakaoTalk Calendar?
Basically, personal schedules registered in the Talk Calendar are displayed only to the individual. If there are members invited, the schedules are registered and visible on each member's Talk Calendar.
However, if you use the iCal address create function to create an address that can access My Calendar then share it with others, the person with that address can view the schedules on My Calendar.

Follow the instructions to create an iCal address.
- Create an address: Talk Calendar Main> Hamburger menu on the upper right > 'Settings' icon on the upper right > Manage Calendar > Select the calendar you want to share > Create an address in iCal format

After creating the address, if you register the address in a calendar app or service that supports iCal format address registration, you can check the schedule information registered in My Talk Calendar from the calendar app or service.
Schedules provided in iCal format can only be viewed and cannot be edited or deleted.