[Voice Room] What is Voice Room?

Voice Room is a voice chat feature within KakaoTalk's Open Chat.

Voice Rooms can only be created by hosts or admins in group open chatrooms. (Not available in 1:1 open chatrooms)

Voice Rooms can accommodate up to 1,500 users, which is the maximum number of people allowed in open chatrooms.

Users can either be a moderator, speaker or listener in a Voice Room.

The host or admin who first creates the Voice Room becomes the moderator. Other hosts or admin will enter the Voice Room as a listener. The moderator can change roles to make other users moderators/speakers/listeners. Each Voice Room can have up to 10 speakers, including the moderator. The moderator can invite other speakers to be a moderator.

Users, who have entered the Voice Room as a listener and wish to speak, can request the moderator to change their role to become a speaker.

The Voice Room will automatically close 48 hours after it is created. A notification will be sent 10 minutes before the Voice Room is closed.