How do I login with a QR code?

Anyone who uses KakaoTalk v9.9.5 (PC v3.4.3/Mac 3.0.8)

and above can use the QR code to log into KakaoTalk in PC (or Mac) without having to enter their Kakao Account email address.

Log into KakaoTalk with QR codes using the methods below.

1) Open KakaoTalk for PC (or Mac)
2) Select login with QR code
3) Open the QR code reader in mobile KakaoTalk
4) Scan the QR code displayed in your
PC (or Mac)
5) Select whether you are logged in or not
6) Register your device if your device has not yet been registered

How to scan the QR code
1) Open mobile KakaoTalk
2) Select the scanner from the upper right search menu or the More menu