What is "Stay Logged In"?
• What is "Stay Logged In"?
It is a feature which lets you to remain signed in to an account without having to enter your ID and password every time.
If you select (tick) "Stay Logged In" and complete login, you will stay logged into your account until you log out or delete cookies in the browser.
However, you may be signed out if you don't visit the website using the same browser for 30 days.

• Caution
To protect your privacy, please use this feature only on personal devices (desktop PC, smartphone).
If you lose your personal device on which you stay signed, please reset the password. If InPrivate Browsing is enabled on your browser, you cannot use the "Stay Logged In" feature.

• How do I disable "Stay Logged In"?
If you click Log Out, the "Stay Logged In" feature will be disabled.
You can also delete cache and cookies in your browser to disable "Stay Logged In".