What is a memorial profile?

The memorial profile feature is intended to assist bereaved family and friends in honoring and finding solace in the memory of the departed.
The profile will remain active and won’t display as "unknown" even if the deceased’s phone number is discontinued.
Loved ones can share their memories and express their feelings of loss through private messaging.

[What are the benefits of a memorial profile?]
- The profile of the deceased user will be maintained and not converted to an Unknown account.
- An obituary notice can be made quietly without contacting friends and acquaintances.
- The KakaoTalk account of the deceased user can be maintained even if the user's phone number is unregistered.
- The profile can be used as a place to remember the deceased user.

[How will the KakaoTalk account of a deceased user be changed?]
- To protect the user's privacy, no one can log in with the deceased user's account.
- Messages cannot be sent or received, and the account cannot be used to log into sub-devices (windows, mac, ipad, android tablet, etc).

deceased user's kakaotalk screen

[How will the account be shown to his or her KakaoTalk friends?]
- The deceased user will be marked as a Remembered Friend in the Friends list, and the user's name, profile, background image, multi-profile settings and chat history will also be preserved.
- The deceased user will be removed from all chatrooms except for private chatrooms.
- The deceased user cannot be invited to a group chat.
- Chats in private chatrooms can be checked only by the sender, so the sender can use this chatroom as a place to remember the deceased user.

memorial profilememorial profile

⚠️ A memorial profile can be maintained for 5 years and may be extended up to 10 years upon request. The user will be automatically unregistered afterwards.
⚠️ If the deceased user has already unregistered from KakaoTalk, a memorial profile cannot be used.

We hope that a memorial profile can help bring comfort and support to the bereaved family of a deceased user. May the user rest in peace.