I can't find a font I use in KakaoTalk and I really want to use that font again.
You can now download discontinued fonts from the RixFontCloud application and use it in KakaoTalk.

1. Install the RixFontCloud application.
[Install RixFontCloud]

2. Choose a font and select the checkbox on the left to download the font.
Set up font in RixFontCloud application

3. In KakaoTalk, go to More > Settings > Display > Text Size/Font > OS Font, and find and set up the font you downloaded!
Set up KakaoTalk OS font

✔︎ I can't find the font I downloaded
- In your OS Settings, go to App > General > Fonts to find fonts you downloaded from an external source.
✔︎ The fonts I downloaded are cut off when displayed on screen
- A portion of the font may be cut off when displayed on screen due to the font's spacing or specifications.
✔︎ I can't install or apply a font
- This feature is only available in <iOS> and <iPadOS>, and is not available in Android. (iOS, iPadOS v9.2.5 or later / iOS14 or later)

Fonts that are available as "KakaoTalk Fonts" are provided under contracts with font developers and font companies.
Therefore, some fonts may be removed once contracts are terminated.