You can't find a font that you like?
Did you know that you can apply various fonts downloaded from font apps to KakaoTalk?

You can save external fonts on your device using the following apps and activate them on KakaoTalk.

- SandollCloud (Install SandollCloud)

- RixFont (Install RixFont)

✔︎ If you can't find downloaded fonts:
- You can check fonts downloaded from outside in the OS Setting app > General > Fonts.
✔︎ If the downloaded fonts are cut off:
- Some fonts may be cut off due to the space between letters or special characteristics.
✔︎ If you have difficulty installing or activating the fonts:
- This feature is available on iOS and iPadOS, and it is not supported on Android. (iOS, iPadOS v9.2.5 or higher / iOS 14 or higher)

Fonts provided as "KakaoTalk fonts" are provided by font creators or service providers.
Expired fonts may not be available on KakaoTalk afterwards.