[Email Scheduling] I want to make a reservation for email delivery
If you wish to schedule an email delivery, set the scheduling option at the bottom of the email composition area.

Scheduling Options (Enable scheduling > Set the desired date and time)

Notes on Scheduled Emails:
-. Scheduling can only be done in 10-minute intervals (e.g., every hour: 00, 10min, 20min, 30min, 40min, 50min).
-. Delivery delays may occur depending on the volume of scheduled emails during the same time period or server/network conditions.
-. The scheduling period can be set for a maximum of 10 years.
-. You can schedule up to 20 emails.

If you wish to schedule emails beyond the maximum limit, you must delete any existing scheduled emails (in the 'Pending' state).
-. Saved emails will be stored in the Scheduled folder, not the Sent folder.
-. Edit and cancellations (deletion) can be made from the Scheduled folder before sending.
ㄴScheduled: Emails in the queue, awaiting delivery at the scheduled time.
ㄴEdit: After canceling the sending of a scheduled email, you can modify its content as well as the sending time. Please note that you must set the scheduling time again, as its sending was canceled. Canceled scheduled emails are stored in the Temporary folder.
ㄴCancel: The scheduled email has been canceled, and its content is stored in the Temporary folder.
ㄴCompleted: The email has been successfully sent at the scheduled time.