Please inform me about the rights of a memorial profile legacy contact.
1. Simplified Process for Memorial Profile Conversion
After the requester's death, the legacy contact can proceed with the conversion to a memorial profile. As a legacy contact, you can bypass submitting family relationship certificates, telecom provider documentation, and a copy of your ID, and proceed with just the death certificate of the deceased.

2. Authority to Modify the Profile for 49 Days After Conversion
Modify the Profile
Once the requester’s account is converted to a memorial profile, the legacy contact is notified and granted the authority to make changes on behalf of the deceased. This includes editing the profile picture, background image, and status message. Note that upon modification, existing profile features like music, D-Day countdown, and stickers will be removed. After 49 days, this authority expires, and the last posted profile will be maintained throughout the memorial period.

3. Access to the Last Letter
Access to the Last Letter
The requester can write a final letter to the legacy contact during their lifetime. This letter is shared with the legacy contact when the profile is converted and can be accessed throughout the memorial period.