How can I apply for a memorial profile?

There are two ways to request a memorial profile, tailored to your relationship with the deceased:

1. Application by a Memorial Profile legacy contact
Application by a Memorial Profile legacy contact
If the deceased appointed a legacy contact for their memorial profile, this individual can directly manage the transition to a memorial profile. The legacy contact can select the user to be memorialized via 'Settings > Friends >
Remembered Friends' in KakaoTalk, and submit the application along with documentation proving the death.

Note: If a legacy contact manages the memorial profile, financial claim refunds and account deactivation are not possible.

2. Application by Immediate Family Members

Immediate family members, even if not designated as memorial profile legacy contacts, can request to convert the deceased’s KakaoTalk into a memorial profile. During the account deactivation process, there is an option to transition to a memorial profile, with support provided for financial claim refunds. Please gather the necessary documentation and proceed with your inquiry, noting the following important points:

⚠️ Important Notes:

- Assistance is limited if the deceased's account has been deactivated and appears as "unknown."
- Ensure that KakaoTalk is functioning properly on the deceased’s mobile phone.