Introducing Team Chat!

Team Chat is a new kind of chat that has an admin (host) who manages the chatroom and members.

Create a Team Chat and use the numerous host features to manage your chatroom.
Team Chat features are now available to all users, and not just to Talk Drive users.

Team Chat

Use host features to effectively manage the Team Chat
Team Chat is a new type of chat that is managed by the host. The host can set up the Team Chat’s name and information and use a variety of features to manage the chatroom.

Create Team Chat

A well-managed chatroom starts with member management
The host can check participating members and remove members when necessary to manage the chatroom. The host can also manage participating members’ invitation role, which allows them to invite new members.

Team Chat with host features

Manage chats for a clean chatroom
The host can hide messages written by any member who participates in the Team Chat.
Easily hide unnecessary or inappropriate messages to keep the chatroom clean.

Manage chats for a clean chatroom

Data backup for all, Team Data

Important Team Chat chatrooms that need to back-up data can use Team Data to make additional back-ups. Team Data is available if the host is a Talk Drive subscriber. Once Team Data is enabled, chats and media are backed-up in the host’s Talk Drive storage. The backed-up media and files do not expire and can be viewed by all members participating in the Team Chat. The host can also enable Previous Data so that members who join the Team Chat midway can view previous chats and media

chatroom Team Data

• Team Data can be enabled anytime and can be disabled when it’s not needed.
• The host must subscribe to Talk Drive Plus and have sufficient storage (at least 1 GB) to use the Team Data feature.
• Team Data will be transferred to the new host’s Talk Drive if the host role is reassigned.
• All Team Data will be deleted if the host does not have sufficient Talk Drive storage or they unsubscribe from Talk Drive.

Learn more about Talk Drive Plus

⚠️ Users who have been reported and confirmed to have violated KakaoTalk’s Terms of Service and Operation Policy will be temporarily or permanently restricted from using KakaoTalk.
⚠️ The Team Chat chatroom cannot be maintained and will be converted to a regular chatroom if the host is restricted from using KakaoTalk.