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  • [KakaoTalk][Team Chat][All OS]

    Will Team Data backup be suspended if there isn't enough storage in Talk Drive?

    Team Data used in the Team Chat chatroom uses the host's Talk Drive to back up chats and media.chats and media that is exchanged in the Team Chat will not be automatically backed up if the host's TalkTo restart auto backups, free up enough space (at least 1 GB) in the Talk Drive by deleting existingdata or subscribing to a larger storage plan, then go to the notification card in the Talk Drive home

  • [KakaoTalk][Team Chat][All OS]

    Introducing Team Chat!

    Team Chat features are now available to all users, and not just to Talk Drive users.Team Data is available if the host is a Talk Drive subscriber.Once Team Data is enabled, chats and media are backed-up in the host’s Talk Drive storage.Data can be enabled anytime and can be disabled when it’s not needed. • The host must subscribe to TalkDrive storage or they unsubscribe from Talk Drive.

  • [KakaoTalk][Team Chat][All OS]

    I want the host role to be reassigned to someone else.

    . - The existing Team Data will be deleted if the new host does not have enough Talk Drive storage oris not subscribed to Talk Drive. - The host reassignment request is valid for 3 days only. - The request