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  • [KakaoAccount][Sign up][common]

    Is email verification required to create a Kakao Account?

    Kakao Account in the future, so all Kakao services except for Kakao Talk require email verification

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][iPhone]

    How do I back up and restore my chat history?

    You can restore your chat history if you have already backed up your data on KakaoTalk. Your backed up your chat history on KakaoTalk, you can restore your data after entering your profile information using KakaoTalk.[NOTE]* Only text messages will be backed up. Note that the following data will not be reinstall KakaoTalk. Don't forget to log in with your Kakao Account after verifying your phone number. If your data if you unregister from KakaoTalk or delete your Kakao Account.* When you restore your chat

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][Android]

    I didn't restore my chat history when signing up for KakaoTalk. Is there a way I can restore it?

    If you have already signed up for KakaoTalk without restoring your chat history, please delete the KakaoTalk app and reinstall it. If you already have your backup ready to go, you'll be able to backed up your chats to restore it to KakaoTalk. After 14 days it will be too late. 

  • [KakaoAccount][Find email/password][common]

    I can't remember my Kakao Account password.

    You can reset your Kakao Account password on Kakao Talk and Kakao Story apps, and Kakao's homepage ( Are you using Kakao Talk? - Open Kakao Talk app > More > Edit Profile> Kakao Account > Forgot your email or password? > Reset Password2. Are you using Kakao Story? - Open Kakao Talk your password: - From Kakao Talk > More > Edit Profile> Kakao Account > Change Password - From Kakao

  • [KakaoTalk][New Device/Phone Number][iPhone]

    How do I change the phone number that is registered to my KakaoTalk?

    1. In your current KakaoTalk, go to More Settings > Privacy > Kakao Account to create a Kakao. Delete and reinstall KakaoTalk, and verify your new phone number.4. After verifying your new phone number, log in with your previous Kakao account and you will be able to continue using the KakaoTalk page at this stage.)* Log in with your Kakao account in your new KakaoTalk to restore the following/received items, KakaoTalk ID, profile picture and status message.(Friends whose phone numbers are not

  • [KakaoTalk][Kakao Account][Android]

    I can't remember my Kakao Account email.

    You can find your Kakao Account on Kakao Talk and Kakao Story apps, and Kakao's homepage ( Are you using Kakao Talk?- Open Kakao Talk app > More > Edit Profile> Kakao Account > Forgot your email or password? > Find Kakao Account2. Are you using Kakao Story?- Open Kakao Talk Kakao Talk profile and Phone Number- Are you using Kakao Talk or Kakao Story?You can find your Kakao Account with name or ID used in your profile on KakaoTalk or KakaoStory and the phone number you used

  • [KakaoAccount][Log in][common]

    I tried to log into my Kakao Account from Kakao Talk and was asked to enter my previous phone number. Why do I need my previous phone number?

    number if you want to log into Kakao Talk from a device different from the one whose number is associated with your Kakao Account. Please enter the phone number you previously verified for KakaoTalk.* If Kakao Talk is still installed on your previous device, you can find the previously verified phone number in Kakao Talk > More > Edit Profile. * To protect your Kakao Account, you may attempt to enter

  • [KakaoTalk][Kakao Account][Android]

    What is Kakao Account in Kakao Talk?

    Kakao Account is an email based ID which is also used to check the subscriber of the Kakao Talk account.When you log in with Kakao Account in Kakao Talk > More, you can retrieve information previously used in KakaoTalk in case you change your phone or phone number in the future.* Information which Friends, items you purchased or received as gifts, Kakao Talk ID, profile photos, status message(For Kakao Talk account will be deleted.When you go though verification with a new phone number and

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][Android]

    I have backed up my chat history but I don't see a restore page when signing up for KakaoTalk.

    unregistered from KakaoTalk or removed your Kakao account;(3) You have reinstalled KakaoTalk and

  • [KakaoAccount][Log in][common]

    I switched to a new phone. Can I restore my previous chats?

    To back up or restore your Kakao Talk chat history, please see information below.> How do I restore