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  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][Android]

    I have backed up my chat history but I don't see a restore page when signing up for KakaoTalk.

    unregistered from KakaoTalk or removed your Kakao account;(3) You have reinstalled KakaoTalk and verified your phone number but have not logged in with your previous Kakao account and thus you have been

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][Android]

    I didn't restore my chat history when signing up for KakaoTalk. Is there a way I can restore it?

    the KakaoTalk app and you will be given the option to restore your data.  

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][Android]

    Can I restore my chat history if I change my phone number or a device?

    .2. Install KakaoTalk on your new device.3. Verify your phone number and log in using your previous in with your previous Kakao Account when you sign up for KakaoTalk.You can also back up and restore KakaoTalk.3. Verify your new phone number.4. Right after your new number is verified, log in with your previous Kakao Account.5. Enter your previous phone number.* If you do not remember your old KakaoTalk.If you sign up as a new user you will not be able to restore your chat data.* If you still

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][Android]

    How do I back up and restore my chat history?

    You can restore your chat history if you have already backed up your data on KakaoTalk. Your backed up your chat history on KakaoTalk, you can restore your data after entering your profile information using KakaoTalk.[NOTE]* Only text messages will be backed up. Note that the following data will not be reinstall KakaoTalk. Don't forget to log in with your Kakao Account after verifying your phone number. If your data if you unregister from KakaoTalk or delete your Kakao Account.* When you restore your chat