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  • [KakaoAccount][Find email/password][common]

    I am trying to find my password but don't know what my previous phone number is.

    phone number associated with your Kakao Account or the previous phone number used for Kakao Talk when Kakao Talk still installed on your previous device?Open Kakao Talk and you can find the previouslyTo prevent other people from logging in with your Kakao Account, you must provide your previous finding a password. You must remember your previous phone number because Kakao cannot tell you. If log in may already have a Kakao Account with a different phone number. Please ask the previous

  • [KakaoAccount][Log in][common]

    I entered correct Kakao Account information, but got a message that the email address and password do not match.

    provided correct information, your Kakao Account email or password may have been saved inaccurately Service with your Kakao Account email, and we will be able to check the status of your account.

  • [KakaoAccount][Sign up][common]

    I received an email saying that my Kakao Account has been created, but it is not my account. may have typed it as, and the email will be sent to the actual owner of the account.)On the notification email, click the link "If the Kakao Account is not make sure that the email address is not used for any Kakao services, please capture a screenshot of Register as Kakao Account Email." Please beware that once you send this email, the concerned email address cannot be used for Kakao Account by anyone including yourself.

  • [KakaoAccount][Find email/password][common]

    I cannot check the verification email.

    email to an active account and get verification. Please go to the Kakao Account menu on the Kakao Talk or Kakao Story app.- Kakao Talk app > More > Edit Profile > Kakao Account- Kakao Story app > MoreAre you unable to check emails sent to the email address used for Kakao Account for the following reasons?1. Have you made a mistake when typing the email to create your Kakao Account? Please check email address.2. Have you signed up for a Kakao Account using a random email address you don't actually

  • [KakaoAccount][Age verification / user identification][common]

    I entered correct Kakao Account information, but the user identification keeps failing.

    the ownership to your name and then submit relevant documents to Kakao.If you keep getting error messages during identification although you're using your own phone and have entered correct Kakao

  • [KakaoAccount][Disabled account ][common]

    I want to get email verification to reactivate my Kakao Account but I am unable to receive the verification email.

    email- Phone number used to sign up for Kakao Talk- Kakao Story profile name- Kakao services you haveYou have to go through email verification to reactivate your Kakao Account.If you are unable to receive emails to your Kakao Account email address, please contact our Customer Service with the following information:- Kakao Account email address- Reason you are unable to receive the verification usedIf the above information match your Kakao Account information, we will be able to help you

  • [KakaoAccount][Sign up][common]

    I got a message, "Suspicious attempt has been detected. Please try again later." What do I do?

    or abusing, Kakao reserves the right to cancel your account.

  • [KakaoAccount][Account protection measures][common]

    How do I protect my Kakao Account?

    To protect your Kakao Account, change your Kakao Account password regularly and make sure you use a different password for your Kakao Account and your Kakao Account email.

  • [KakaoAccount][Disabled account ][common]

    I can't log in with my Kakao Account because I forgot my password. How can I reactivate the account?

    verification by clicking the link below.* From Kakao Talk or Kakao Story app > Click "Forgot yourIf you forgot your Kakao Account password, you can change your password after going through email:// or Click "Find Password" at the bottom of the webpageIf your received a notification of account inactivity, or if your Kakao Account has not been disabled yet, you have to log in with your Kakao Account after password reset is completed to make sure your

  • [KakaoAccount][Linked Daum ID][common]

    I don’t want to use Daum services using my Kakao Account. How do I disconnect it?

    There are two ways to disconnect your Daum ID from your Kakao Account.1. Disconnect your Kakao Account in Kakao Account > Manage Connected Services.2. Click [Log in with Kakao Account] in the Daum login screen and log in with your Kakao Account, Then, disconnect your Kakao Account in My Account.Please note that you cannot disconnect your Kakao Account in Kakao > Manage Connected Services if you Kakao Account. In this case, you can use Option 2, and will be asked to register a password during the disconnection process.