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  • [KakaoTalk][General][iPhone]

    For how long are the messages stored on the server?

    KakaoTalk stores messages on the server for users who cannot check messages immediately. These KakaoTalk Desktop for more than 3 days, you may not be able to check messages delievered during that time on your mobile from your desktop.

  • [KakaoAccount][Account compromise/hacking][common]

    Can my Kakao Account be compromised?

    Kakao Accounts are secured. However, if you use the same email address and password that you use for other services or websites, that information can be hacked and your Kakao Account can also be threatened. In order to protect your Kakao Account, please create a unique password that is not easy to guess, and change it regularly.

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][Android]

    Can I restore my chat history if I change my phone number or a device?

    .2. Install KakaoTalk on your new device.3. Verify your phone number and log in using your previous in with your previous Kakao Account when you sign up for KakaoTalk.You can also back up and restore KakaoTalk.3. Verify your new phone number.4. Right after your new number is verified, log in with your previous Kakao Account.5. Enter your previous phone number.* If you do not remember your old KakaoTalk.If you sign up as a new user you will not be able to restore your chat data.* If you still

  • [KakaoTalk][Voice Call / Video Call][iPhone]

    The camera doesn't turn on when I connect to a Video Call.

    1) In your device settings, check to see if your camera has been enabled for KakaoTalk. 2) If you

  • [KakaoTalk][General][Android]

    Is it free to make phone calls from KakaoTalk?

    Making a regular phone call by tapping the phone number in your friend's mini profile allows you to make a call without going into your device Contacts. You will be charged for the call according to your service plan. 

  • [KakaoTalk][General][macOS]

    Which features are not supported in KakaoTalk for Mac?

    Which features are not supported in KakaoTalk for Mac?

  • [KakaoTalk][Paid Items][Android]

    Do I have to connect to Kakao account?

    Creating a Kakao account is not required. However, if you connect to Kakao account using your device changes. Your purchased items may be deleted if you replace your device or change phone number without connecting to Kakao account. 

  • [KakaoTalk][Paid Items][iPhone]

    I changed my mobile phone and the emoticons and themes that i have purchased have disappeared.

    > Settings > Kakao Account.   NOTE: Your items cannot be restored if you unregister from KakaoTalk. If you create a Kakao account, you can restore your purchased items even if you change your device or phone number by logging in with your Kakao account.   * To create your Kakao account: Go to More

  • [KakaoAccount][Account compromise/hacking][common]

    What do I do if I suspect that someone else has logged in with my Kakao Account?

    re-sign up for Kakao Account through phone number verification immediately, and change your

  • [KakaoTalk][General][Android]

    What is the new "Your Orders" menu in the More tab?

    your orders made on the following services: Kakao Gifts, Kakao Talk Store, Kakao Talk Order, MakersIn Your Orders, you can view the list of items you have ordered on KakaoTalk.For now, you can check with Kakao, and Kakao Farmer.Please note that the orders placed before 01-01-2017 are available from the services you have made orders on.