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  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][iPhone]

    I didn't restore my chat history when signing up for KakaoTalk. Is there a way I can restore it?

    If you have already signed up for KakaoTalk without restoring your chat history, please delete the KakaoTalkup. * Please note that you have just 14 days from the time you backed up your chats to restore it to KakaoTalk

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][iPhone]

    I have backed up my chat history but I don't see a restore page when signing up for KakaoTalk.

    the Restore page if:(1) You have not backed up your data in advance;(2) You have unregistered from KakaoTalkor removed your Kakao account;(3) You have reinstalled KakaoTalk and verified your phone number but

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][iPhone]

    How do I delete my backed up chat history?

    On your KakaoTalk, go to More > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and tap Delete Backup. 

  • [KakaoTalk][Back up & Restore Chats][iPhone]

    How do I back up and restore my chat history?

    You can restore your chat history if you have already backed up your data on KakaoTalk.If you have already backed up your chat history on KakaoTalk, you can restore your data after enteringOnce restoring is completed, tap the Get Started button and start using KakaoTalk.permanently deleted after 14 days of the backup. * You can restore your backed up data when you reinstall KakaoTalkyou log in with your Kakao Account at this step.* You cannot restore your data if you unregister from KakaoTalk