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  • [KakaoTalk][Team Chat][All OS]

    What is Team Chat?

    Team Chat is a new chatroom available only to Talk Drive users.

  • [KakaoTalk][Team Chat][All OS]

    Can I reassign the host role to someone else?

    The host can request to reassign the role of host to a team member who is a Talk Drive subscriber.

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    Is it not possible to receive desktop notifications when using Internet Explorer or Safari browers?

    Talk Calendar notifications are not supported on all versions of the Internet Explorer and Safari browsersAll functions on Talk Calendar are best supported on Chrome and Edge browsers, therefore, we recommend

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    Is Talk Calendar available to non-users of KakaoTalk?

    If you have a Kakao account, you can use the Talk Calendar on the web even if you have never signed upTalk Calendar Web: Later on, if you sign up for or log in KakaoTalk with thesame Kakao account, you can view the same schedule information in the Talk Calendar within the KakaoTalk

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    Can I invite other people via email?

    Even when using Talk Calendar web, only Talk friends can be invited to the schedule and the function

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    Will my friends be able to see the events added to my KakaoTalk Calendar?

    Basically, personal schedules registered in the Talk Calendar are displayed only to the individual.If there are members invited, the schedules are registered and visible on each member's Talk CalendarFollow the instructions to create an iCal address. - Create an address: Talk Calendar Main> Hamburgersupports iCal format address registration, you can check the schedule information registered in My Talk

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    I have not been able to receive notifications on my Desktop.

    Even if you allow notifications on your desktop from your talk calendar settings, you will not be ableto receive notifications if you are blocking notifications on your talk calendar site from your browser

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    What is KakaoTalk Calendar?

    right away with those invited to the event, with a few taps/clicks.Notifications will be sent from the TalkCalendar Channel so that you will not miss any event or invites from friends.However, when using the Talk

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    How do I delete an event in KakaoTalk Calendar?

    You can select a specific date in the Talk Calendar to remove it from the schedule preview, or move to

  • [KakaoTalk][Report/Restrictions][iOS]

    Can I report a Live Talk video?

    If you judge a Live Talk clip hosted by a person who is not your friend in a group chatroom to whichthe reported person to protect his/her privacy.1) Select ‘...’ at the right bottom corner of the Live Talk• A part of the Live Talk content will be sent to a relevant Kakao team, and the Live Talk host and the