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  • [KakaoTalk][General][macOS]

    Please inform the shortcut key.

    [General]Open Friends Tab   ⌘ + 1Open Chat Tab   ⌘ + 2Open See More Tab   ⌘ + 3Open KakaoTalk

  • [KakaoTalk][General][Android]

    I don't receive notifications for new messages.

    notifications if your notification and vibration settings are turned off.- In your KakaoTalk, go to More

  • [KakaoTalk][Send Gift][iPhone]

    How does "Gift Shop" work?

    1) "Gift Shop" from KakaoTalk > MoreGo to KakaoTalk [More > Gift Shop] and you will be redirected

  • [KakaoTalk][Send Gift][Android]

    How do I send myself a gift?

    1) "Gift Shop" from KakaoTalk > MoreSelect an item you wish to purchase and press "구매하기" OR press the coupon from "받은 선물함". No separate message is provided. 2) "Gift Shop" from KakaoTalk > More

  • [KakaoTalk][Report/Restrictions][macOS]

    Can I report a message from a person added as my friend?

    party's profile on the KakaoTalk Friends list and select [Hide]. 2) Press Settings (cogwheel) on the bottom left side of KakaoTalk and click [Configuration]. 3) Click [Manage Friends > View List]. 4

  • [KakaoAccount][Account compromise/hacking][common]

    What is account compromise report?

    of use agreement for the mobile phone number used at the time of KakaoTalk registration (issued by Kakao Account and you are unable to log in and change your password.If an account is reported as the mobile service carrier). 3. Other materials which may be helpful in proving the unauthorized use of your Kakao service account by someone else.

  • [KakaoMail][Connection Issues]

    [Connection Issues] How do I upgrade my browser?

    You can enjoy a more secure Kakao Mail if you update your browser to the latest version.1. Why do I which is faster, more stable and more secure.- You must upgrade to the latest version to use Kakao 13.0.5 or above)※ Close all browsers and open Kakao Mail after upgrading your browser.

  • [KakaoTalk][General][KakaoTalk for PC]

    Please inform the shortcut key.

        Alt + XOpen Talk Drive    Ctrl + JOpen Main Window    Ctrl + Shift + MOpen KakaoTalk Calendar

  • [KakaoTalk][Profile][iPhone]

    What is the thumbnail of photos in the upper right corner of my profile?

    of your profile updates, and updates on other services linked to your Kakao Account.

  • [KakaoTalk][Profile][Android]

    What are the photos stacked up on the top-right corner of my cover photo?

    - updates on your profile, and updates on services linked to your Kakao Account.