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  • [KakaoMail][Settings]

    [Settings] How do I manage the Smart Mailbox?

    Kakao Mail's Smart Mailbox classifies each incoming email according to the user's desired settings.Goto the Smart Mailbox Settings in Settings and change the Smart Mailbox settings to meet your needs.Follow the steps below to change the settings.1.Smart Classification is ON, emails that fall into that classification is automatically placed into theIf Smart Classification is OFF, incoming emails are automatically placed in the Inbox.2.

  • [KakaoMail][Settings]

    [Settings] How do I add tags to the signature?

    Enable the signature feature.2. Click "Add" to select a template.(Enter the signature manually to add a tag)3.Enter the HTML tag of your choice.5.Follow the precautions below when inserting an image link.- The signature image may not be visible ifSelect the Editor mode if you want to preview.7. Use the HTML mode if you want to edit the tag.8.

  • [KakaoMail][Settings]

    [Settings] How do I increase my mailbox size?

    Use the methods below to delete unnecessary emails to increase your mailbox size in Kakao Mail's PC versionMove emails in the Smart Mailbox- Go to Settings > Manage Mailboxes > Smart Mailbox, check the deleteThis will automatically move emails in the checked mailbox that have not been read for seven (7) daysEmpty Trash/Spam- Regularly empty the Trash and Spam mailboxes.

  • [KakaoMail][Settings]

    [Settings] How do I log out?

    - PC Kakao Mail: Click "Profile Image" (First alphabet of your name) at the upper right > Click "Logout