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  • [KakaoMail][Contacts]

    [Contacts] How do I delete a contact?

    How do you delete contacts from the PC version- Press the profile image in the contacts list, selectmouse over the contacts list to see the "Trash" icon.Press the icon to delete.- Click the contacts list to see the detailed pop-up.Click the "Trash" icon at the bottom left to delete.2.the contact you wish to delete, and press the "Trash" icon on the bottom toolbar to delete.- Swipe the

  • [KakaoMail][Contacts]

    [Contacts] How do I use emails that have been added to Kakao Mail's contacts?

    Email addresses saved in Kakao contacts are auto-completed when entering the recipient in the email.Deletethe contact from the contacts list if you do not want to use the auto-complete.※ The contact must bedeleted from the entire contacts list and recently used contacts.However, emails cannot be composeddirectly from the contacts list.

  • [KakaoMail][Contacts]

    [Contacts] How do I import contacts?

    Use the steps below to import contacts from Excel files.However, you can only import contacts that arein csv file format.① Access the Kakao Mail contact through the PC Version > Click "Import Contacts"on the left-side menu.② Click "Find File" and select a csv file > Click "Import"

  • [KakaoMail][Contacts]

    [Contacts] What are Recently Used Contacts?

    is a list of recipients that is automatically saved when emails are sent from Kakao Mail.You can use thelist of recently used contacts to easily add the recipient's email to contacts.However, the recently