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  • [KakaoAccount][Log in][common]

    What is "Stay Logged In"?

    " and complete login, you will stay logged into your account until you log out or delete cookies in theHowever, you may be signed out if you don't visit the website using the same browser for 30 days. • CautionIf you lose your personal device on which you stay signed, please reset the password.If InPrivate Browsing is enabled on your browser, you cannot use the "Stay Logged In" feature. • HowIf you click Log Out, the "Stay Logged In" feature will be disabled.

  • [KakaoAccount][Log in][common]

    Which Web browsers are supported?

    Check the supported browsers to ensure a stable service environment.Use the links to each browser belowto download and update your browser to the latest※ Microsoft has announced that support for Internet Explorer will end in thegradually stop providing a login page for IE 9 or earlier versions starting from Sep 1, 2022.Please use the

  • [KakaoAccount][Disabled account ][common]

    My Kakao Account is restricted from use but it says it has been switched to dormant.

    Once the account is switched to a dormant state, if you do not login to the Kakao service after liftingthe restrictions for use in the next 4 years, the Kakao Account will be withdrawn.When the Kakao Account is withdrawn, the contract for use of the Kakao services for this account willbe terminated and you will no longer be able to use the account.Moreover, the Kakao Account information and individual service data used with the Kakao Account will

  • [KakaoAccount][Login Restriction by Country][common]

    I am unable to log in from a country that is not permitted from logging in.

    Confirm the login request message sent to your phone's KakaoTalk or enter the verification number sentto the email saved in your Kakao Account or contacts to login.Please contact the Customer Center if you are unable to log in using additional verification methods.

  • [KakaoAccount][Login Restriction by Country][common]

    I tried to log in after setting up Login Restriction by Country, but I haven't yet received a verification message.

    If you have not received KakaoTalk message or email for Additional Verification, please check the followingsyou're using KakaoTalk normally but have not received verification messages via KakaoTalk, check whether theaccount information entered for login matches up with the account information registered to KakaoTalkIf you're not receiving verification email for a while, tap the "Resend Verification Code" button.

  • [KakaoAccount][Login Restriction by Country][common]

    What are login permitted countries?

    One main country of use is automatically registered as a login permitted country if you use the 'LoginYou may add additional countries in the additional verification screen when traveling overseas.Login permitted countries can be deleted using the following steps.

  • [KakaoAccount][Login Restriction by Country][common]

    I've activated the login restriction by country, but additional verifications are not displayed.

    Even if the 'Login Restriction by Country' service is activated, additional verification is not requiredPlease contact the Customer Center if additional verifications are not displayed and you have not used

  • [KakaoAccount][Login Restriction by Country][common]

    What is 'Login Restriction by Country'?

    by Country' is enabled automatically for safe service use and can be disabled anytime by following the/ : Protect Your Account > Login Restriction by Country > Disable Please contact the

  • [KakaoAccount][2-Step Verification][common]

    How can I log in if I lost my mobile phone with 2-Step Verification or changed phone numbers?

    You can log in by verifying yourself via a backup email if you've lost access to your primary phone. When logging in, click on "Verify via Email" on the bottom of the 2-Step Verification page to proceedwith email verification.Once you're in your account, please change your 2-Step Verification informationto backup phone numbers or KakaoTalk.

  • [KakaoAccount][2-Step Verification][common]

    I tried to log in after setting up 2-Step Verification, but I haven't yet received a verification message.

    If you have not received KakaoTalk or text message for 2-Step Verification, please check the followingscontact numbers and email information in [ KakaoTalk > My Profile > Settings > Profile Management ].   2) PhoneNumber VerificationThere may be delays in delivering text messages depending on mobile carriers.If you're not receiving verification text for a while, tap the "Resend Verification Code" button. If the "1644" code or "Kakao" is blocked on your phone, text messages containing such keywords may have