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  • [KakaoMail][Compose Mail]

    [Failed to Send] I failed to send the email because it was not sent.

    If an email is not sent, a failure to send message is displayed due to the following reasons.- The recipient'semail address is incorrect.- The recipient's inbox is full.- Instantaneous server traffic increasedtemporary.Contact Customer Services if emails cannot be sent, even after the above issues have been identified.Whencontacting Customer Services, copy or forward the entire email that was returned with the subject line

  • [KakaoMail][Compose Mail]

    [Send Mail] There is a delay when I try to send my email.

    sent to Kakao Mail users are usually sent within three (3) minutes because it is sent straight from thewithin five (5) minutes, but it may be delayed depending on network conditions.In other words, since thenetwork connection is poor, then there may be a delay when sending the email.If there is more than aone hour delay, a return message is sent to the sender to notify them of the delay.Please sent the returnmessage to Customer Service and we will look into the issue.

  • [KakaoMail][Contacts]

    [Contacts] How do I import contacts?

    Use the steps below to import contacts from Excel files.However, you can only import contacts that arein csv file format.① Access the Kakao Mail contact through the PC Version > Click "Import Contacts"on the left-side menu.② Click "Find File" and select a csv file > Click "Import"

  • [KakaoMail][Receive Mail]

    [Receive Mail] The email I moved to Trash has been deleted. How long are emails stored?

    Based on your settings, emails in Trash will be deleted automatically after 7 or 15 days from the receipt(The automatic deletion period is calculated based on the receipt date of the relevant email, not fromthe date when the email was moved to Trash. )Please note that emails received before the set period

  • [KakaoMail][Receive Mail]

    [Favorites] How do I manage Favorites?

    Press the "Favorites" button next to the sender if you receive an email you are interested in.Once theFavorites by applying alert settings.You can also remove that sender from your Favorites by pressing the"Favorites" button again or go to Settings > Favorites to delete the sender from your Favorites.

  • [KakaoMail][IMAP/POP3]

    [Sync] Are emails deleted from the web if I set up IMAP/POP3 and check Kakao Mail?

    Outlook through IMAP or POP3 and check emails.However, if you connect with IMAP and delete an email in theemail program, the email will be deleted from Kakao Mail.If you use POP3 to connect the account to the mail program and do not check "Save copy in the server"in Kakao Mail's POP3 settings, then emails retrieved with POP3 will be moved to Trash.Please check the

  • [KakaoMail][Compose Mail]

    [Compose Mail] What is the mail size limit?

    Larger emails may not be sent properly.Please use the following file attachment and body text size guide[Body text limit]The email body text cannot be larger than 3MB.You will not be able to send the emailif the email body text and attachments combined exceeds 30MB.Please try the following if you are unableto send the email due to its size.- Delete parts of the email body text or attached file.- Convert orre-attach the attached file as a large attachment.

  • [KakaoMail][IMAP/POP3]

    [Other Accounts] I cannot add a Gmail account through the "Add External Email" feature.

    Please follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue: 1.If the problem persists despite the above instructions, please visit the 'Allow Access to My Google Account' page and follow the provided guidance.For more detailed assistance, please consult the Google Help resources.

  • [KakaoMail][Spam Mail]

    [Spam Mail] What does "Auto-Block" and "Move" in the Spam mailbox mean?

    Emails marked as "Auto-Block"ed are emails that were automatically moved by the spam cleaner from theInbox to the Spam mailbox.Spam cleaners use data from users' spam reports to block spam mails.However, some spam mails end up in the Inbox due to spammer's evolving spam technology.Please press "Block Spam" once you discover a spam mail in your Inbox.Emails blocked as spam will be included in theMove(d)" emails are emails users move to the Spam mailbox if they deem that email is indeed a spam mail

  • [KakaoMail][Contacts]

    [Contacts] What are Recently Used Contacts?

    is a list of recipients that is automatically saved when emails are sent from Kakao Mail.You can use thelist of recently used contacts to easily add the recipient's email to contacts.However, the recently