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  • [KakaoAccount][Age verification / user identification][common]

    What is the reason?

    When you go through user identification using the information different from previously-verified informationif you have gone through user identification using someone else's information, and make sure to use thesame information for user identification.If the owner of your phone has changed while the phone numberremains the same, you are required to submit supporting documents to our Customer Service to reset the

  • [KakaoAccount][Login Restriction by Country][common]

    I am unable to log in from a country that is not permitted from logging in.

    Confirm the login request message sent to your phone's KakaoTalk or enter the verification number sentto the email saved in your Kakao Account or contacts to login.Please contact the Customer Center if you are unable to log in using additional verification methods.

  • [KakaoAccount][Find email/password][common]

    I can't remember my Kakao Account password.

    . - Login box on the right side of the Kakao website ( > Find PasswordTo protect yourwell as user identification as part of the password reset process.password. - Other people may easily guess your password if you use well-known names, your birthdate, phonenumber, etc. - Please use a unique pasword with a combination of upper/lower case letters, numbers andit regularly.* To change your password: - From Kakao Talk > More > Edit Profile> Kakao Account > Change

  • [KakaoAccount][Disabled account ][common]

    How can I reactivate the account?

    If you forgot your Kakao Account password, you can change your password after going through email verificationby clicking the link below.* From Kakao Talk or Kakao Story app > Click "Forgot your email or passwordreset password* On or Click "Find Password" at thebottom of the webpageIf your account has already been disabled, it will be reactivated once passwordphone number or pass security questions for user identification.

  • [KakaoAccount][Find email/password][common]

    I cannot check the verification email.

    Are you unable to check emails sent to the email address used for Kakao Account for the following reasonsIn this case, you can change your Kakao Account email to an active account and get verification.Profile > Kakao Account- Kakao Story app > More > Edit Profile > Kakao AccountTap the "Change Email"and you can change your Kakao Account email to an active email address.If you can't find the "ChangeWe wll help you change your email after verifying some information.

  • [KakaoAccount][2-Step Verification][common]

    I tried to log in after setting up 2-Step Verification, but I haven't yet received a verification message.

    If you have not received KakaoTalk or text message for 2-Step Verification, please check the followingscontact numbers and email information in [ KakaoTalk > My Profile > Settings > Profile Management ].   2) PhoneNumber VerificationThere may be delays in delivering text messages depending on mobile carriers.If you're not receiving verification text for a while, tap the "Resend Verification Code" button. If the "1644" code or "Kakao" is blocked on your phone, text messages containing such keywords may have

  • [KakaoAccount][Account compromise/hacking][common]

    Can I share or sell my Kakao Account or Kakao Game?

    If the seller changes mind about selling the account or sells the account with a malicious intent, notEven if the buyer claims that he or she has paid money or other equivalent to buy the account, the buyerDo not disclose, even in part, your Kakao Account email, password, name or phone number to a third party.Nameand phone number can be used to find user ID and password for email services such as Naver, Daum andinformation, your Kakao Account email address can be guessed based on your ID, nickname, membeship number

  • [KakaoAccount][Log in][common]

    Now I get a message that I have exceeded the maximum number of attempts. When can I log in again?

    If the Kakao Account email and password do not match multiple times, login attempts can be restrictedto protect the user.For security reasons, Kakao do not provide the maximum number of attemtps or how long you have to waitPlease try again after some time based on the message appearing on the login screen.

  • [KakaoAccount][Find email/password][common]

    I can't remember my Kakao Account email.

    . - Login box on the right side of the Kakao website ( > Find Kakao Account- Are youYou can find your Kakao Account with name or ID used in your profile on KakaoTalk or KakaoStory and thephone number you used to sign up for KakaoTalk. You should remember the masked part of your email address.!The email address which has received the welcome email is highly likely to be your Kakao Account.

  • [KakaoAccount][Disabled account ][common]

    My profile photo suddenly disappeared and my Kakao Account is marked as inactive, but I can't remember my Kakao Account email.

    inactivity for security purposes pursuant to Article 16 (Expiration System of Personal Information) of theEnforcement Decree of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization andafter the account becomes inactive.If you can't find your email address used for your Kakao AccountsKakao sends a notification of account inactivity to the user's Kakao Account email one month before theWe will tell you a part of your email address matching the information you have provided. - Phone number