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  • [KakaoMail][Spam Mail]

    [Spam Mail] What does "Auto-Block" and "Move" in the Spam mailbox mean?

    Emails marked as "Auto-Block"ed are emails that were automatically moved by the spam cleaner from theInbox to the Spam mailbox.Spam cleaners use data from users' spam reports to block spam mails.However, some spam mails end up in the Inbox due to spammer's evolving spam technology.Please press "Block Spam" once you discover a spam mail in your Inbox.Emails blocked as spam will be included in theMove(d)" emails are emails users move to the Spam mailbox if they deem that email is indeed a spam mail

  • [KakaoMail][Contacts]

    [Contacts] What are Recently Used Contacts?

    is a list of recipients that is automatically saved when emails are sent from Kakao Mail.You can use thelist of recently used contacts to easily add the recipient's email to contacts.However, the recently

  • [KakaoMail][IMAP/POP3]

    [Sync] How can I see my Kakao Mail from an external mail client?

    supports IMAP/POP3/SMTP, allowing users to check emails from other mail clients, including Outlook.Follow thesetup guide below to register the account in the mail client.Please check the SSL authentication settingwhen setting up the IMAP/POP3/SMTP.1.

  • [KakaoMail][Settings]

    [Settings] How do I increase my mailbox size?

    Use the methods below to delete unnecessary emails to increase your mailbox size in Kakao Mail's PC versionMove emails in the Smart Mailbox- Go to Settings > Manage Mailboxes > Smart Mailbox, check the deleteThis will automatically move emails in the checked mailbox that have not been read for seven (7) daysEmpty Trash/Spam- Regularly empty the Trash and Spam mailboxes.

  • [KakaoMail][Connection Issues]

    [Connection Issues] Protection policy has been applied to my ID.

    used to send spam mails.Protection policies are applied when a spam recipient submits a report and theaccount in question has been found to have been used to send the spam mail.Please contact Customer Services

  • [KakaoMail][Connection Issues]

    [Connection Issues] How do I upgrade my browser?

    You can enjoy a more secure Kakao Mail if you update your browser to the latest version.1.internet if you use an upgraded version which is faster, more stable and more secure.- You must upgrade to thelatest version to use Kakao Mail, which uses the latest language to provide a more secure service.2.Click the upgrade link below to upgrade each browser.- Internet Edge

  • [KakaoMail][Settings]

    [Settings] How do I log out?

    - PC Kakao Mail: Click "Profile Image" (First alphabet of your name) at the upper right > Click "Logout

  • [KakaoMail][Compose Mail]

    [Compose Mail] What is Draft mailbox?

    The Draft mailbox can be used when you have to stop composing your email due to urgent issues or if you

  • [KakaoMail][Compose Mail]

    [Send Mail] How many people can I send the email to simultaneously?

    You can send up to 10,000 emails per day, and up to 150 people per email through Kakao Mail.

  • [KakaoAccount][Disabled account ][common]

    My Kakao Account is restricted from use but it says it has been switched to dormant.

    Once the account is switched to a dormant state, if you do not login to the Kakao service after liftingthe restrictions for use in the next 4 years, the Kakao Account will be withdrawn.When the Kakao Account is withdrawn, the contract for use of the Kakao services for this account willbe terminated and you will no longer be able to use the account.Moreover, the Kakao Account information and individual service data used with the Kakao Account will