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  • [KakaoStory][Account / Log in / Sign up / Delete][iOS]

    I want to unregister from KakaoStory.

    You can delete KakaoStory from the path below.Settings >"Unregister" at the bottom of the page. 

  • [KakaoTalk][Team Chat][All OS]

    Can you remove a member who is participating in Team Chat?

    Only users who have the host role are able to remove participants from the Team Chat.• Mobile KakaoTalk

  • [KakaoTalk][General][iPhone]

    (iOS) My Live Photo will not send as a Live Photo.

    Press the "Plus" (+) sign at the bottom of the KakaoTalk chatroom and select "File".2.Select the Live Photo you want to send and press "Send".4.

  • [KakaoTalk][Report/Restrictions][Common]

    Please cancel user protection measures.

    cancels user protection measures; therefore, it is unable to notify specific protection periods or lift theWe sincerely ask for your kind understanding.The user protection period may be extended if anything abnormalrepeats or additional message reports are filed during the same period.[For more details about our Operation Policy, please refer to the page below.]• Kakao Operation Policy

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    I have not been able to receive notifications on my Desktop.

    Please allow the notification authority of the Kakao calendar from the following menu in each browser& Security> Site Settings> "Permissions" Notifications> Add Kakao Calendar ( to the

  • [KakaoTalk][Report/Restrictions][Common]

    I left the open chatroom after reporting and then attempted to reenter the same chatroom.I saw the message "You are unable to participate in the open chatroom you have reported."

    When you are done with ‘Report & Leave’ during an Open Chat, you cannot reenter the same Open Chatroom.Wedo not provide the function to cancel the report in an Open Chat since such a function may cause abusivereporting due to less demanding reporting regimes.Please make sure you really want to report since the[For more details about our Operation Policy, please refer to the page below.]• Kakao Operation Policy

  • [KakaoTalk][General][iPhone]

    [iPad] How to Use iPad Shortcuts

    For iPad users with a connected keyboard, press and hold the Cmd key (or Alt key for Windows keyboards) to see the available functions for the current state.Cmd + 1 / 2  Previous Tab / Next TabCmd + ↑ /

  • [KakaoTalk][General][macOS]

    Please inform the shortcut key.

    [General]Open Friends Tab   ⌘ + 1Open Chat Tab   ⌘ + 2Open See More Tab   ⌘ + 3Open KakaoTalk Calendar   ⌘ + DActivate Search Bar   ⌘ + FLock Mode   ⌘ + LClose Window   ⌘ + W, ESCExit   ⌘ + Q [Chat Room]Send Messages   EnterChange Lines   Shift + EnterInvite   ⌘ + ISend a File   ⌘ + OOpen Emoticon Window   ⌘ + EAlarm ON/OFF   ⌘ + YFix on Top ON/OFF   ⌘ + TFavorites ON/OFF   ⌘ + BChatroom Setting   ⌘ + Option + [ , ]Close Chatroom   ⌘ + W, ESC [Photo Viewer]Copy a File   ⌘ + CSave a File   ⌘ + SZoom In Photo   PlusZoom Out Photo   MinusPlay/Pause Video   Space, Enter [Friend List]Move Up/Down Friends List   ↑↓1:1 Chat   Enter [Chat List]Move Up/Down Chatrooms List   ↑↓Enter Chatroom   EnterMark as Read   R

  • [KakaoAccount][Log in][common]

    What is "Stay Logged In"?

    " and complete login, you will stay logged into your account until you log out or delete cookies in theHowever, you may be signed out if you don't visit the website using the same browser for 30 days. • CautionIf you lose your personal device on which you stay signed, please reset the password.If InPrivate Browsing is enabled on your browser, you cannot use the "Stay Logged In" feature. • HowIf you click Log Out, the "Stay Logged In" feature will be disabled.

  • [KakaoTalk][KakaoTalk Calendar][Web]

    Is it not possible to receive desktop notifications when using Internet Explorer or Safari browers?

    Talk Calendar notifications are not supported on all versions of the Internet Explorer and Safari browsersCalendar are best supported on Chrome and Edge browsers, therefore, we recommend downloading either one of the