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  1. Story provides the same font size as the system settings offer. 

    Please adjust to the desired font size in [System Settings > Display > Font Size and Style] of your smartphone.

  2. Clicking […] on the upper right corner of the screen to share a story via your KakaoTalk or to archive it as your Story post.
    Otherwise, click the [Copy URL] button to copy and paste the post.
    Among "Public" or "Friends" stories, only those a writer set as "Shareable" can be shared. 
  3. A new Shooting Mode with various effects is available from Story App version 6.0.0.
    For Android phones, new features are mostly available on OS 5.0 or higher. Please note that the new Shooting Mode may not work properly on OS 5.0 or higher depending on the device manufacturer, since it is provided with a combination of filters, stickers, special effects optimized/specialized for photos and videos.
    You can use the existing shooting features as-it-is even on the OS environments where the new features are not supported.
  4. A brand-new Story provides 4 different shooting modes for photos and videos. 
    Tap the Camera button at the top of the Story screen for a transition. Once the transition is made, you can create videos and photos to your liking in <Story>, <Video>, <Boomerang>, and <Photo> modes with various fun effects and features. Tap a button or swipe the screen to switch between modes. 
    - Story : Special effects for video recording are placed on the left and right side of the Shooting button. Select a special effect and long-press the Shooting button. You can keep shooting a video for up to 15 seconds with the effect applied. 
    - Video : With the Continuous Shot feature, you can arrange frames you want without professional skills! Create a video to your heart's content using high-quality filters and lovely cutie stickers, including facial recognition stickers. If there is any clip you want to delete in the continuous shots, press the [X] button on the Pause screen to selectively delete from the most recent clip. 
    - Boomerang : With a single tap just like photo-shooting, you can effortlessly make a 5-second animation. In Boomerang Mode, stickers and filters are available for video-shooting. 
    - Photo : Take a photo in the optimal aspect ratio of 3:4. Just like Video and Boomerang modes, you can use motion stickers and filters. If you open the Motion Sticker browser before taking a photo, an animated sticker you've chosen is automatically applied to your photo. Enjoy a new experience where a still-cut meets the motion sticker to create an "animated video."
    Among four shooting modes, <Story>, <Video>, and <Boomerang> are optimized for video with a generous full-screen. Shooting stickers and filters are continuously updated for new experiences.
  5. In Story, you can choose and apply stickers and special effects before shooting photos or videos.
    Otherwise, you can shoot photos or videos first and then edit them to your liking by applying various filters and special effects. 
    Please note that types of stickers provided before shooting are different from those provided after shooting.
    Select what you want as suits the situations!