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  1. Please double-check if you have left a chatroom without checking "Leave Silently" before you clicked "Leave".

    Also, the "Leave Silently" option will not be shown if you leave a chatroom using the swipe feature from a chatroom list or the chatroom editing feature, even if you have enabled the option in Kakao Lab.

    Please try again and see if you can see the Leave Silently option when you attempt to leave a chatroom by tapping the Leave icon.

    [How to leave a chatroom silently]
    • KakaoTalk > Chat List > Chatroom > Top right corner (≡) > Leave
  2. If you're using a wearable (Bluetooth) keyboard, you can take advantage of shortcuts. For iPad users with a connected keyboard, press and hold the Cmd key (or Alt key for Windows keyboards) to see the available functions for the current state.

    Cmd + 1 / 2
      Previous Tab / Next Tab
    Cmd + ↑ / ↓
      Previous Chatroom / Next Chatroom
    Cmd + I
      Go to My Chatroom
    Cmd + N
      New Chat
    Cmd + Enter
      Send Chat Message

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If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.