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  1. Memorialized Profile menu

    In [KakaoTalk Settings > Personal/Security > Memorialized Profile], you can personally decide how your KakaoTalk will be managed after your passing. You can choose to leave it as a memorial profile or set restrictions, and these settings will remain in place for 10 years.

    1. Leaving a Memorial Profile
    A legacy contact pre-designated by you will be responsible for converting your account to a memorial profile after your passing.

    1) Simplified Documentation
    While applying for a memorial profile as immediate family might require up to five different documents, having a pre-designated legacy contact enables conversion with just a death certificate.

    2) Support for Conversion by a Close Friend
    You can appoint a close friend, who is not an immediate family member, as your legacy contact to manage the conversion to a memorial profile. Ensure the friend can submit a death certificate and is trustworthy.

    3) Authority Granted to the legacy contact
    Once converted to a memorial profile, the legacy contact will have the right to modify your profile for 49 days. They can also access a final letter written by you, meant only for them, before your passing.

    * If the information on the deceased’s KakaoTalk does not match the documentation, additional documents may be requested. Also, financial claim refunds and account deactivation are not possible when a legacy contact manages the conversion.

    2. Restricting a Memorial Profile
    If you wish not to have your KakaoTalk converted into a memorial profile posthumously, set it to 'Restrict Memorial Profile'. Even if family members apply after your passing, the conversion will not be possible, and your pre-death wishes will be communicated. However, if the phone number used in your lifetime is discontinued, resulting in expired verification, or if the family requests the deletion of the deceased's account, your KakaoTalk may be deactivated. After deactivation, your profile will appear to friends as 'unknown'.

    A memorial profile is one way to offer solace to your friends who remain after you're gone. We suggest discussing it with close family and friends before deciding.

  2. 1. Simplified Process for Memorial Profile Conversion
    After the requester's death, the legacy contact can proceed with the conversion to a memorial profile. As a legacy contact, you can bypass submitting family relationship certificates, telecom provider documentation, and a copy of your ID, and proceed with just the death certificate of the deceased.

    2. Authority to Modify the Profile for 49 Days After Conversion
    Modify the Profile
    Once the requester’s account is converted to a memorial profile, the legacy contact is notified and granted the authority to make changes on behalf of the deceased. This includes editing the profile picture, background image, and status message. Note that upon modification, existing profile features like music, D-Day countdown, and stickers will be removed. After 49 days, this authority expires, and the last posted profile will be maintained throughout the memorial period.

    3. Access to the Last Letter
    Access to the Last Letter
    The requester can write a final letter to the legacy contact during their lifetime. This letter is shared with the legacy contact when the profile is converted and can be accessed throughout the memorial period.
  3. We recommend appointing someone close to you and trustworthy over a long period as your memorial profile legacy contact.

    The legacy contact needs to submit the death certificate of the requester and will have the authority to change the deceased’s profile for a set period after the conversion.

    Additionally, if the deceased’s KakaoTalk information does not match the death certificate, further documentation may be required. Therefore, it's advisable to appoint a family member or a close acquaintance who can easily manage document issuance and receipt.

  4. write a last letter

    The 'Last Letter' is a message intended to be sent to your memorial profile legacy contact after your passing. You can compose this letter if you have chosen to leave a memorial profile in the 'Memorial Profile Settings,' with support for up to 1,000 characters. This 'Last Letter' will be delivered to your legacy contact at the time your KakaoTalk is converted into a memorial profile.

    Since the legacy contact has the authority to modify your KakaoTalk profile after your death, you can use this letter to share your thoughts about your final profile or to express gratitude and feelings towards your surviving family and friends.

    Please note that the 'Last Letter' does not have any legal effect.

  5. You can now download discontinued fonts from the RixFontCloud application and use it in KakaoTalk.

    1. Install the RixFontCloud application.
    [Install RixFontCloud]

    2. Choose a font and select the checkbox on the left to download the font.
    Set up font in RixFontCloud application

    3. In KakaoTalk, go to More > Settings > Display > Text Size/Font > OS Font, and find and set up the font you downloaded!
    Set up KakaoTalk OS font

    ✔︎ I can't find the font I downloaded
    - In your OS Settings, go to App > General > Fonts to find fonts you downloaded from an external source.
    ✔︎ The fonts I downloaded are cut off when displayed on screen
    - A portion of the font may be cut off when displayed on screen due to the font's spacing or specifications.
    ✔︎ I can't install or apply a font
    - This feature is only available in <iOS> and <iPadOS>, and is not available in Android. (iOS, iPadOS v9.2.5 or later / iOS14 or later)

    Fonts that are available as "KakaoTalk Fonts" are provided under contracts with font developers and font companies.
    Therefore, some fonts may be removed once contracts are terminated.
  6. Did you know that you can apply various fonts downloaded from font apps to KakaoTalk?

    You can save external fonts on your device using the following apps and activate them on KakaoTalk.

    - SandollCloud (Install SandollCloud)

    - RixFont (Install RixFont)

    ✔︎ If you can't find downloaded fonts:
    - You can check fonts downloaded from outside in the OS Setting app > General > Fonts.
    ✔︎ If the downloaded fonts are cut off:
    - Some fonts may be cut off due to the space between letters or special characteristics.
    ✔︎ If you have difficulty installing or activating the fonts:
    - This feature is available on iOS and iPadOS, and it is not supported on Android. (iOS, iPadOS v9.2.5 or higher / iOS 14 or higher)

    Fonts provided as "KakaoTalk fonts" are provided by font creators or service providers.
    Expired fonts may not be available on KakaoTalk afterwards.

  7. "Leave Silently" is available when you update KakaoTalk to v.10.2.0 or a higher version.

    1. How to enable "Leave Silently" in Kakao Lab
    • KakaoTalk> "Settings" icon (⚙️) on the top right corner of the More tab > Kakao Lab > Leave Silently ON/OFF

    2. How to use "Leave Silently"
    • Click the menu button in a group chatroom and tap the "Leave" icon.
    • Check "Leave Silently" and tap Leave.

    ▣ Tips
    • The More tab (...) is the 5th tab located at the bottom of the KakaoTalk screen.
    • This feature cannot be used in private chats and Open Chat.
    • The "Leave Silently" option will not be shown if you leave a chatroom using the swipe feature from a chat list or the chatroom editing feature.
  8. Please double-check if you have left a chatroom without checking "Leave Silently" before you clicked "Leave".

    Also, the "Leave Silently" option will not be shown if you leave a chatroom using the swipe feature from a chatroom list or the chatroom editing feature, even if you have enabled the option in Kakao Lab.

    Please try again and see if you can see the Leave Silently option when you attempt to leave a chatroom by tapping the Leave icon.

    [How to leave a chatroom silently]
    • KakaoTalk > Chat List > Chatroom > Top right corner (≡) > Leave
  9. If you're using a wearable (Bluetooth) keyboard, you can take advantage of shortcuts. For iPad users with a connected keyboard, press and hold the Cmd key (or Alt key for Windows keyboards) to see the available functions for the current state.

    Cmd + 1 / 2
      Previous Tab / Next Tab
    Cmd + ↑ / ↓
      Previous Chatroom / Next Chatroom
    Cmd + I
      Go to My Chatroom
    Cmd + N
      New Chat
    Cmd + Enter
      Send Chat Message

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