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  1. A public key is used to exchange secret keys which encrypt messages in a secret chatroom.

    There are three types of keys—a public key, a private key and a secret key.

    A secret key is used to encrypt messages in a secret chatroom. Secret keys of the participants will be exchanged once the secret chatroom is created. Public keys are used to encrypt secret keys and private keys are used to decrypt secret keys.

    Unlike the private key and the secret key, the public key is open to public and is used to determine whether the chat with other party is secured.

    You can check the public key image in the secret chatroom by going into the chatroom menu > Settings > Public Key. If the public key image is identical to your friend's, that means your chat is secured.

  2. If you reinstall KakaoTalk or change your mobile device, your encryption key will be changed. If your encryption key is changed, you will not be able to chat in your existing secret chatrooms. You will need to start new secret chats.

  3. KakaoTalk v5.0.0 includes a new preview feature for URLs entered in the chatroom.

    A preview of your URL will be displayed so that you and your friends can easily see more of shared links while chatting.

  4. Anyone who uses KakaoTalk v.9.7.5 and above can use the QR code to log into KakaoTalk in iPads or Android tablets without having to enter their Kakao Account email address.

    Log into KakaoTalk with QR codes using the methods below.

    1) Open KakaoTalk for iPads or tablets
    2) Select login with QR code
    3) Open the QR code reader in mobile KakaoTalk
    4) Scan the QR code displayed in your iPad or tablet
    5) Select whether you are logged in or not
    6) Register your device if your device has not yet been registered

    How to scan the QR code
    1) Open mobile KakaoTalk
    2) Select the scanner from the upper right search menu or the More menu
  5. You can send the original video in the form of a file.

    [How to send the original video file]
    1. Press the "Plus" (+) sign at the bottom of the KakaoTalk chatroom and select "File".
    2. Press "Select from File" or "Choose from Album".
    ㄴIt'll be easier to find and select photos and videos if you select "Choose from Album".
    3. Select a video and send it as a file.

    The video file will be sent in its original form and does not have to be converted.
  6. Send your Live Photo in a file format if you want to send it as a Live Photo.

    [How to send a Live Photo]
    1. Press the "Plus" (+) sign at the bottom of the KakaoTalk chatroom and select "File".
    2. Press "Select from Album".
    3. Select the Live Photo you want to send and press "Send".
    4. Press "Send as" if you want to send your Live Photo as a Live Photo.

    Live Photos sent as will maintain its Live Photo format.
  7. You can use fonts installed from iOS or iPad OS to OS on KakaoTalk.

    1. Install fonts.
    - Download a font of your choice to iOS using a fonts application.

    2. Apply fonts.
    - You can preview the downloaded font in KakaoTalk [More] > [Setting] > [Screen] > [ Font Size and Type] > [Fonts] > [OS Fonts], and apply it to your KakaoTalk.

    3. Can't find the downloaded font?
    - You can check fonts downloaded from outside applications in OS Setting App > General > Fonts.

    ⌘ Some fonts may not be diplayed correctly depending on letter spacing or special characteristics.
    ⌘ This function is available in <iOS> and <iPadOS> only, and not supported by Android, (iOS, iPadOS v9.2.5 or higher / iOS14 or higher).
  8. With deepest sympathy…
    In case a user passes away, KakaoTalk offers two options for the person's account based on the will of the user's family: unregistration or a memorial profile.

    • Unregistration from Kakao Talk
    When the family chooses unregistration, the user's account will be marked as "Unknown" just like other unregistered accounts, and the account will be deleted permanently.

    • Memorial profile
    If the family wants to memorialize the private chatroom and the profile, they can contact the Customer Service and request that the account be switched to a memorial profile.

    What is a memorial profile?
  9. The memorial profile feature is intended to assist bereaved family and friends in honoring and finding solace in the memory of the departed.
    The profile will remain active and won’t display as "unknown" even if the deceased’s phone number is discontinued.
    Loved ones can share their memories and express their feelings of loss through private messaging.

    [What are the benefits of a memorial profile?]
    - The profile of the deceased user will be maintained and not converted to an Unknown account.
    - An obituary notice can be made quietly without contacting friends and acquaintances.
    - The KakaoTalk account of the deceased user can be maintained even if the user's phone number is unregistered.
    - The profile can be used as a place to remember the deceased user.

    [How will the KakaoTalk account of a deceased user be changed?]
    - To protect the user's privacy, no one can log in with the deceased user's account.
    - Messages cannot be sent or received, and the account cannot be used to log into sub-devices (windows, mac, ipad, android tablet, etc).

    deceased user's kakaotalk screen

    [How will the account be shown to his or her KakaoTalk friends?]
    - The deceased user will be marked as a Remembered Friend in the Friends list, and the user's name, profile, background image, multi-profile settings and chat history will also be preserved.
    - The deceased user will be removed from all chatrooms except for private chatrooms.
    - The deceased user cannot be invited to a group chat.
    - Chats in private chatrooms can be checked only by the sender, so the sender can use this chatroom as a place to remember the deceased user.

    memorial profilememorial profile

    ⚠️ A memorial profile can be maintained for 5 years and may be extended up to 10 years upon request. The user will be automatically unregistered afterwards.
    ⚠️ If the deceased user has already unregistered from KakaoTalk, a memorial profile cannot be used.

    We hope that a memorial profile can help bring comfort and support to the bereaved family of a deceased user. May the user rest in peace.

  10. There are two ways to request a memorial profile, tailored to your relationship with the deceased:

    1. Application by a Memorial Profile legacy contact
    Application by a Memorial Profile legacy contact
    If the deceased appointed a legacy contact for their memorial profile, this individual can directly manage the transition to a memorial profile. The legacy contact can select the user to be memorialized via 'Settings > Friends >
    Remembered Friends' in KakaoTalk, and submit the application along with documentation proving the death.

    Note: If a legacy contact manages the memorial profile, financial claim refunds and account deactivation are not possible.

    2. Application by Immediate Family Members

    Immediate family members, even if not designated as memorial profile legacy contacts, can request to convert the deceased’s KakaoTalk into a memorial profile. During the account deactivation process, there is an option to transition to a memorial profile, with support provided for financial claim refunds. Please gather the necessary documentation and proceed with your inquiry, noting the following important points:

    ⚠️ Important Notes:

    - Assistance is limited if the deceased's account has been deactivated and appears as "unknown."
    - Ensure that KakaoTalk is functioning properly on the deceased’s mobile phone.


If you can not find the answer, please contact our service center.